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NO. 1 日月潭紅玉

Due to the unique climate and geographical conditions, the Sun Moon Lake area in Nantou Yuchi Township has become an important area for Taiwan black tea plantation. This area successfully cultivated a world-renowned new tea tree variety – TTES No.18 ( Red Jade ). This new variety with unique aroma proves Taiwan’s strength in the field of tea tree breeding. Black tea made from this variety is full-bodied with aroma of mint and cinnamon. Just make a cup of ‘Red Jade’ black tea at a tea time with a dish of dessert. Sit down for a bite of tea with a bite of dessert, so that the taste of tea and dessert mix with each other on your taste buds. Such kind of satisfaction is truly the simplest happiness in life.

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品        種:台茶18號


產        地:南投魚池




保存期限:2 年


散茶禮盒 | 50克

袋茶禮盒 | 3入

袋茶禮盒 | 12入

真空旅行盒 | 6入

真空家庭包 | 30入







*本公司茶葉通過財團法人全國認證基金會(Taiwan Accreditation Foundation, TAF)評鑑