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Chrysanthemum Jinxuan Oolong

Chrysanthemum indicum is a native Taiwanese plant commonly called Indian chrysanthemum or wild chrysanthemum. Around December of each year, the mountainside of Huadong Mountain is full of the wild chrysanthemums. At this time, the temperature in the mountains is already very low. In order to preserve the shape of the chrysanthemum, the workers need to pick flowers by hand. After harvesting, the chrysanthemum is dried at a low temperature to retain its aroma and nutrients. Brew this tea with hot water and take a sip: What you first felt was that the soothing floral fragrance slowly released with the heat. Then it leads to the unique milky fragrance of the Jing Xuan variety. Finally, the essence of Huadong Mountains.

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品        種:金萱


產        地:南投名間






保存年限:2 年


✧袋茶禮盒 | 3入

✧袋茶禮盒 | 12入

✧真空茶包旅行盒 | 6入







*本公司茶葉通過財團法人全國認證基金會(Taiwan Accreditation Foundation, TAF)評鑑