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半日焙茶所 | NO.9 阿里山高山烏龍

Shizhuo area is located beside the Alishan Highway, with an altitude of about 1300-1500M. The tea area is located on the windward side of the Alishan Mountains. The annual average humidity there is 90.4%, and the annual average temperature does not exceed 20ºC. Thus, it is very suitable for tea plantation. In addition to good innate geographical and climatic conditions, the experience of tea makers is also a key factor in making good tea. Rely on rich tea making experience, our tea makers decide to use the more dif­cult withering technique-gently ‑ip the tea leaves by hands to oxidase it evenly and turn the ingredients into fascinating ‑oral notes. The ­nished tea tastes sweet with mild body and can bere-brewed for many times.

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品        種:青心烏龍


產        地:嘉義阿里山





✧ 特選150克散茶







*本公司茶葉通過財團法人全國認證基金會(Taiwan Accreditation Foundation, TAF)評鑑